Price List

Home Inspection includes a thorough visual investigation of the home’s readily accessible features, major systems and their components such as structure; foundation; roof; interior; exterior; heating and ventilation system; electrical; plumbing and more. A summary presentation with the aid of digital images will be conducted at the conclusion of the inspection.

Since 2016, our Home Inspection also includes a full thermal imaging scan of the home at no extra cost ($100 value). Thermal imaging helps to identify temperature variations in the building envelope, which are directly related to problems with high moisture content and air leakage, and inadequate or non-existent insulation. Early correction of these conditions can prevent more extensive damage in the future. Our inspector will conduct a thorough infrared thermographic scan of each room within the living area of the home including the attic (if accessible), roof, walls, floors, ceilings, etc.
An electronic report including digital images and infrared images will be typically provided within 24hrs of inspection.

As R.H.I., we follow “Professional Practice and Conflict of Interest Guidelines” and are fully insured for E&O and General Liability.

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The following is provided as a guideline only. Please call to confirm rates for your particular property
13% HST is not included. Additional Mileage Surcharge may apply
Description of PropertyLess than 25 years oldMore than 25 years old
Apartment Condominium$430$450 and up
Townhouse$470$490 and up
Townhouse End Unit$490$515 and up
Single home/semi-det, up to 2000 square feet$575$625 and up
Single home/semi-det, over 2000 square feet$600 and up*$675 and up*
Multiple family dwelling (Duplex, Triplex, etc.)$625
+$130 each units
$690 and up
+$160 each units
New Home Inspection** - 3 visits
New Home Inspection** - 2 visits
New Home / Warranty Inspection***$575N/A
Renovation Inspection and Consulting (by hour)$165N/A
* $100 for additional square footage (per 1,000 sq ft. or portion thereof)

** New Home Inspection: Foundation inspection, Framing inspection (before drywall installation), PDI or Final inspection (moving day or next day)

*** PDI or Final inspection (moving day or 30 days), New Home Warranty Inspection, 1 year anniversary