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All photos below are not from PDI (pre-delivery inspections. They are from occupied homes... (During PDI "unfinished" defects are common in new construction.):

Damaged outside insulation, cracks on foundation, etc.

Foundation cracks that “hidden” by exterior parging, and not…


Improper grading between two properties, standing water, ice build-up,…


Providing proper support for this area of brick veneer is advisable...

"...masonry veneer of hollow units (brick veneer) resting on bearing support shall not project more then 30 mm (1 3/16 in) beyond the supporting base where veneer is not less then 90 mm (3 ½ in) thick and 12 mm (½ in) if veneer is less then 90 mm (3 ½ in) thick..."


...oops, looks like notch in foundation wall was too short but beam was too big...


Noticeable moisture in the basement, source unknown, but it is definitely coming from "darker" corner that shown on Infrared picture: "Contact builder for corrective action."


Even in summer day Infrared camera picked up drastic difference in temperature in bedroom ceilings, (See next 2 pictures)


...that was confirmed later on during tough attic "walk" – wind storm damage and considerable loss of insulation, baffles misplaced. (Thank Infrared camera! – it was not noticeable in the attic during normal observation due to complicated roof design.)...


Look at one TJI floor joist with non-regular shape hole (for air duct) in the joist. As per manufacturer’s Specification: “The maximum size rectangular hole permitted to be installed in the webs shell leave a minimum ¼-inch of web material between top of the hole and adjuscent flange


Wood shims for main beam are not acceptable.